Course Descriptions

MBA 5013 -- Organizational Communications -- 3 credit hours

This course emphasizes oral and written forms of business communications as well as interpersonal and organizational communications and includes exploration of the various techniques, instruments, processes, and styles employed by leaders to communicate effectively within organizations and ethical considerations in communications.

MBA 5023 -- Quantitative Decision Making -- 3 credit hours

This course introduces a structured approach to problem solving and the fundamental quantitative methods used to formulate and solve problems to support business decision making. Students will practice both analysis of complex situations and communication of results based on these decision models.

MBA 5033 -- Managerial Accounting -- 3 credit hours

This course emphasizes the development and use of accounting information for management planning, control, and decision making.

MBA 5043 -- Managerial Economics -- 3 credit hours

Students will learn how to apply the analytical tools of economic theory to decision making by management.

MBA 5053 -- Managerial Finance -- 3 credit hours

The course provides insights into and understanding of financial concepts along with practical approaches to analysis and decision making. Includes topics such as financial planning, management of working capital, analysis of investment opportunities, source of long-term financing, and dividend policy.

MBA 5063 -- Marketing Management -- 3 credit hours

This course will focus on techniques and practical application of planning, market analysis, and strategic design with an emphasis on integration of product, price, promotion, and distribution.

MBA 6023 -- Legal and Ethical Environment of Business -- 3 credit hours

The emphasis of the course is on the legal and ethical issues affecting the manner in which businesses operate, including contracts, product liability, regulation, anti-trust, and employment.

MBA 6033 -- International Business Management -- 3 credit hours

This course will emphasize organizational behavior within a global format, prepare the student for dealing with the cultural, social, and ethical issues of working within the world market, and will focus on how and why the world’s countries differ and the economics and politics of world trade. Also, this course will investigate the global monetary systems, the strategies and structures of international business, and the roles of international business’s functions.

MBA 6043 -- Strategic Management -- 3 credit hours

The course will integrate many sub-disciplines in business, including ethical and societal considerations, analytical procedures in business, and decision making with a case-oriented context. Focus is on clarity of thought and method, oral and written communications, and strategic planning methods. Prerequisite: Permission of school’s chair.

MBA 6063 Business Seminar -- 3 credit hours

Courses on topical or special interest subjects on a rotating basis. Several different topics may be taught in one year or one semester. Prerequisite: Varies, depending upon subject matter, and permission of school's chair.

MBA 6083 -- Organizational Behavior 3 -- credit hours

The course will emphasize organizational behavior within complex work organizations. Topics include organizational structure and theory, work redesign, perception and attribution, learning, motivation, groups, conflict, power, influence, leadership, and decision-making.

MBA 6153 -- Applied Research in Business -- 3 Credit hours

Faculty-supervised course to introduce the student to research techniques in business. Emphasis will be placed on research methods as well as the research of others from professional publications. A major research paper will be prepared and submitted for evaluation.