Jamal Nahavandi

Jamal Nahavandi


Ph.D., Economics: University of New Hampshire, 1991.
MA, Economics: Tufts University, 1980.

BA, Economics and International Relations: University of North Carolina, 1978.


Jamal Nahavandi has been an Associate Professor of Economics, Pfeiffer University School of Graduate Studies. Teaching Managerial/leadership economics, Economics of Healthcare and International Business. From 2002 to present and serves as an adjunct faculty member at Lindsey Wilson College.

Previously, he was a market analysts, a business analysis and he directed the AT&T, Billing Control Operation. He managed a team responsible for root cause analysis of large volume of telecom traffic failing industry standard Exchange Message Interface (EMI) edit process. In 1999, $28 million was recovered through efforts of this team. June 1998-2000.

His areas of specialty are economics and marketing research, business forecasting, international Business. He is certified as Diversity trainer.


Email: nahavandij@lindsey.edu