Parthi Damodaraswamy

Parthi Damodaraswamy


M.S., manufacturing systems engineering : University of Kentucky.
M.S., bio-medical engineering : University of Kentucky
BS, manufacturing systems engineering :


As co-founder and CEO of ILS, Parthi Damodaraswamy is responsible for providing vision and leadership to grow ILS into a premier partner to its clients by transforming their business using Lean philosophy and provide them with a sustainable growth path. Parthi has extensive experience in transforming companies in a variety of industries, most notably health care, wood products, glass products, plastics, food processing and distribution.

He has worked with several private equity companies as transformational partner and helped create value for their portfolio companies and investors. In each of these specialized environments, his innovative thinking made him deliver customer value with exceptional financial results. Parthi has a B.S. and M.S. in manufacturing systems engineering and an M.S. in bio-medical engineering.