Melissa Doan

Melissa Doan


Ph.D. Doctorate of Philosophy: Capella University.
Master of Education : Lindsey Wilson College.
Bachelor of Arts: Lindsey Wilson College.


I live in Eastern Kentucky. I am the Resident Faculty Advisor for the Lindsey Wilson College School of Professional Counseling program. I have worked with individuals and families in the clinic and home-based settings. During my 15 years of experience I have provided services to geriatric, substance abuse, adult, families, high-risk, crisis and suicidal ideations, adolescent, youth, diverse, and other populations.

I feel that the most important aspect of my service to students as an advisor, and an instructor, is servant leadership. I strive to provide support, encouragement, self awareness and insight to encourage students to grow personally and professionally.

Publications: Comparing Interventions with High Risk Families


Office: Goodin Building
Phone: (606) 589-3075
Cell: (606) 505-6160