Mohammad Pourheydarian

Mohammad Pourheydarian


PhD University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee
M.B.A. Roosevelt University (IL)
B.A. University of Tehran


Office: J.L. Turner Leadership Center
Phone: (270) 384-8149


Mohammad Pourheydarian was born in Shahi, Iran. Scored top in the national university exam in mathematics and chose to major in Economics. During his year at Tehran University for three years Mohammad had internship in statistical analysis of department of commerce in Iran. After graduation from Tehran University Mohammad became the chief of security officer of three ports of custom office in southern Iran. Then he accepted the responsibility of the chief of administration office of the College of Economics of Tehran University.

Mohamad moved to the United states on August 5th 1975, received his MBA from Roosevelt University in Chicago and then his PhD in Economics with concentration on International Trade and Finance from the University of WIsconsin and several years taught in colleges and University of Wisconsin-Baraboo. Mohammad had several small businesses including an International Trading Company in Louisville, Kentucky exporting engine oil to China. He joined the Lindsey WIlson College in 1990 teaching business and economics courses. Mohammad has certification in the Letters of Credit from US ExIm bank and more recently has been certified in International Commerce by the Kentucky World Trade center. He published two peer reviewed articles on J-Curve and the Demand for Money referenced by many including a Nobel Prize winner in Economics.He has six children currently from age 4 to 29. Recently Mohammad and his wife Melissa started an Art Studio in Campbellsville, Kentucky. Currently he busy with developing course in international business mostly for practitioners with less emphasize on theories hoping to leave a legacy at Lindsey WIlson College after retirement.. For many years Mohammad was a member of Kentucky World Trade Center and the American Economics Association. Mohammad enjoys playing ping pong and backgammons.