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Counselor Education Transfer Questions

What are the application requirements for Argosy students wanting to transfer to the CES program at Lindsey Wilson College?

Argosy students must submit:

  1. Online application
  2. Current CV
  3. 3 Letters of Reference
  4. Doctoral Transcript

The application fee and GRE requirement are being waived for Argosy doctoral students. The CV and letters of reference can be submitted to

Students must participate in a faculty interview.

Is the CES program at Lindsey Wilson College CACREP accredited?
Yes. Details on our accreditation can be found here.

How many credits will transfer from Argosy to Lindsey Wilson College?
All Argosy courses that have an equivalent course at Lindsey Wilson College will transfer, with the exception of internship. A complete list of transferable courses can be found here.

What is the delivery format for the program?
Students take two content classes each semester. Classes meet monthly in a Friday/Saturday format in Columbia KY with one 2-hour video conference session between each weekend of class. The 2019/2020 schedule can be found here. A complete course sequence for the program can be found here.

When do classes begin?
Argosy students can begin classes as early as May 2019.

How many credit hours is the CES program at Lindsey Wilson College?
The program is 72 hours in length.

Will Argosy students need to retake the same courses at Lindsey Wilson College?
Students will not need to retake coursework. However, they will need to retake internship.

What is the estimated cost for tuition and books?
Tuition is $720.00 per credit hour. The cost of textbooks varies depending on the amount of coursework to be completed. However, the total cost for a new CES student at LWC is $2,000.00 for four years of course work.

What does a transfer look like for Argosy students that are in the middle of the dissertation process?
Lindsey's program requires more credit hours to complete than Argosy's program. As a result, we cannot admit students for the sole purpose of completing their dissertations. Students currently working on dissertation would be required to complete the following:

For more information, please contact
Dr. Jeff Parsons at 270-250-9312 or

Does LWC have transfer options for students in other Argosy programs?
Yes. We have created an information page on our website that provides details on transfers to our online programs in counseling, criminal justice, business, etc... at the following URL: