Tuition & Financing

Lindsey Wilson College, an accredited nonprofit institution, offers some of the lowest tuition rates among top online universities through its Lindsey Online program. And you may qualify for grants and loans that will make Lindsey Online's low tuition rates even more affordable.

Lindsey Online is committed to helping you complete your degree. That's why we'll work with you to make sure you receive credit for the work you've already done by providing prior learning credit options for our degree programs.

To help you reach your educational goals as quickly and affordably as possible, we work to maximize the number of transfer credits you can apply towards your degree. We'll help you get credit for work you've already done, and earn more credit in ways that meet your schedule and learning style. To accelerate your journey to graduation and keep your costs down, we offer up to 30 credit hours for prior learning toward your bachelor's degree: The following guidelines and methods are acceptable for validating prior learning for the purpose of awarding credit:

We know that college-level learning can take place at work and in life. If you have achieved college-level learning, you can earn college credit by

  • passing national for-credit examination programs, specifically CLEP (the College Board College Level Examination) and Advanced Placement exams.
  • recommendations from American Council on Education (ACE) if approved by the appropriate program.
  • submitting Individual portfolios evaluated by the CAEL's (Council for Adult and Experiential Learning) national prior learning assessment service, or by Lindsey Wilson College faculty.


Lindsey Online tuition and fees are charged per credit hour and do not differ for in-state versus out-of-state students.
2021-2022 Academic Year Online per hour rate
Undergraduate $289
Technology Fees $58
Graduation Fees $60

Financial Aid

More than 95% of Lindsey Wilson students receive some form of financial aid. We know that college can stretch most families' budgets, so that's why our Financial Aid Office uses a variety of federal, state and institutional funds to help keep a college education affordable. The typical Lindsey Wilson financial aid package includes a combination of grants, loans and part-time employment. Scholarships are awarded to students based on demonstrated financial need and/or academic achievement.

Caring about your education, Lindsey Online is committed to helping you through the financial aid process. Our staff is available to answer your questions about your financial needs, and get you on the fast track toward accomplishing your educational and life goals.

For more information about financial aid, please visit our Financial Aid Page.

** If you have questions about or need assistance applying for Financial Aid contact the Lindsey Wilson Online Representative at or call 1-800-264-0138

Net Tuition Calculator

Use our Net Tuition Calculator for undergradate students. This questionnaire is designed only to provide an estimate of your financial aid eligibility.

Financial Assistance for Your Online Education

The true cost of a college education is an important consideration and we want to make sure you're comfortable with knowing what options you have available to you. Lindsey Online strives to make it as affordable as possible to achieve your academic goals.

You may not realize it - but you could be eligible to receive financial assistance for the Lindsey Online academic program you choose. Through aid programs, grants, scholarships, and other student loans listed below, you can subsidize a substantial portion of your education.

Grants - Undergraduates

Federal Pell Grant: This federally funded grant is awarded on the basis of financial need. This grant is the foundation upon which all other aid is based.

Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant: This federally funded grant is awarded to students based on financial need.

Kentucky State Grants: These grants, funded by the Commonwealth of Kentucky, are awarded according to need to Kentucky residents attending Kentucky colleges and is subject to availability of funds. The grants are available as a Kentucky Tuition Grant (KTG) or College Access Program (CAP).

Ohio and Tennessee State Grants: Undergraduate students who are residents of Ohio or Tennessee and enrolled at the LWC campus in those states may be eligible for grants from those states. Eligibility is determined by each state institution.


Federal Direct Subsidized Loan: This need-based program enables students to borrow an educational loan from the Department of Education. The loan is insured by the federal government, and the federal government pays the interest while the borrower is enrolled in school at least half-time, during a grace period, and during authorized periods of deferment. Interest will begin to accrue from the beginning of the repayment period. All students that accept the Federal Direct Subsidized Loan must complete the online Entrance Counseling and Master Promissory Note (MPN). Visit to complete the Entrance Counseling and MPN.

Federal Direct Unsubsidized Loan: This is a non-need-based educational loan from the Department of Education. The student is responsible for the interest during in-school and deferment periods. All students that accept the Federal Direct Unsubsidized Loan must complete the online Entrance Counseling and Master Promissory Note (MPN). Visit to complete the Entrance Counseling and MPN.

Federal Direct Parent PLUS Loan: This loan program enables parents with approved credit to borrow for each child who is enrolled at least half-time and who is a dependent student. There is no grace period for these loans. Interest is determined annually by the federal government.

If a guardian is eligible to receive the Federal Direct Parent PLUS Loan after completing the application process; they must submit the Master Promissory Note (MPN). Visit to complete this requirement.

Student Loan Entrance Counseling: Every student who accepts a Federal Direct Subsidized/Unsubsidized loan must complete the Entrance Counseling process at Loan money cannot be disbursed to a student account until the Entrance Counseling is complete.

Student Loan Exit Counseling: Before leaving school, every student who borrowed a Federal Direct Subsidized, Unsubsidized or Grad PLUS loan must complete the Exit Counseling at

Private/Alternative Loan: Visit FASTChoice to learn more about Private/Alternative Loans.